Man’s Best Friend Pet Resort is please to announce the addition of Scott Stepaniak to our family! Scott is a groomer who recently moved here from Colorado and we are very excited to have him! If your little furry friend needs a day at the spa or just a trim give us a call to set up a relaxing day at the Man’s Best Friend Pet Resort. Need to drop off in the morning and can’t pick up until after work? Not a problem! Ask about adding a half a day of Daycare with your furry friends grooming appointment! They can work off some of that extra energy and then come home tired and looking like a movie star!


Please remember that we still require a current Rabies and Distemper, as well as Bordetella with in the last 6 months for all of our grooming clients.


Here is our grooming WAIVER, feel free to print and fill it out ahead of time to bring to your first appointment (We need a new one once a year). Don’t worry though we have plenty at the check in counter!

In our grooming department, we strive for quality over quantity and will spend the time necessary to achieve the look that you want for your beloved furry family member.

Just a Bath

A bath using all natural shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, and a quick brushing. Great for a quick clean up between grooming appointments. (Pets that are matted, tangled, and shedding will need the Complete Bath and Brush package.)

          Small       $20 and up*

          Medium  $30 and up*

          Large      $40 and up*

          XL     not offered for this size


Complete Bath & Brush Package

Includes a bath with conditioner, brushing, de-shedding treatment, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, nails trimmed, sanitary trim and paw trimming.

          Small          $30 and up*

          Medium      $45 and up*

          Large          $60 and up*

          XL              Ask Groomer for Quote


Full Groom Package

Includes bath with conditioner, brushing, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, nails trimmed and full body haircut.

          Small          $45 and up*

          Medium      $55 and up*

          Large          $65 and up*

          XL              Ask Groomer for Quote


A La Carte

Add tooth brushing, nail trimming, and/or nail filing to any package.

          One for $10

          Two for $15

          All three for $20



*All prices are given for reference and based on pets that are groomed on a regular basis. Some pets and styles require extra time for grooming and we may need to adjust pricing to reflect the additional time that is spent to ensure that your furry family member has a quality grooming experience.

Have questions? Email Scott the Groomer at or call 816-331-4364